Unveiling Wonder: The Artistry of Kelli Fontana in Real Estate Design

Discover the brilliance behind Kelli Fontana, the artistic powerhouse driving innovation within the West Bay Homes realm and beyond. With over two decades of expertise under her belt and a vast array of projects to her name, Kelli Fontana and her dedicated team specialize in crafting multifaceted real estate endeavors across North America.

From inception to fruition, Kelli lends her keen eye and unparalleled expertise to every facet of her projects. Her extensive portfolio spans from luxurious custom estate properties to turnkey new construction homes, from large-scale residential remodels to high-rise residential developments.

One of Kelli's recent projects showcases her ingenuity and flair for the extraordinary. Behold the custom bookshelves nestled at the end of a hallway, concealing a whimsical haven for exploration and imagination—a hidden playroom designed to delight and inspire.


Crafting a playroom can often pose challenges, but Kelli's innovative approach triumphs over convention. By seamlessly integrating the playroom behind closed bookshelves, she not only creates a sense of intrigue but also cultivates a space that exudes warmth and invites endless hours of play.

Kelli Fontana's design transcends boundaries, merging functionality with creativity to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. Witness the magic unfold with each project she touches, leaving a trail of awe and inspiration in her wake.

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