Things to Do in Edina

Edina, Minnesota, a gem on the outskirts of Minneapolis, blends suburban tranquility with urban sophistication. Known for its high-end shopping centers, parks, and vibrant community life, Edina offers a myriad of activities. If you’re interested in moving to Edina and wondering what to expect, here’s a curated guide to experiencing the very best of this charming city.

Retail Therapy

Southdale Center: As the nation's first indoor shopping mall, Southdale Center opened in 1956 and remains a landmark destination for retail enthusiasts. Home to over 100 stores, including luxury brands and bustling department stores, the mall offers a comprehensive shopping experience for all your retail needs. Check out Banana Republic, Express, Madewell, and more for fantastic finds.

50th & France: This quaint downtown area, nestled at the intersection of 50th Street and France Avenue, boasts an eclectic mix of boutique shops, art galleries, fitness studios, excellent restaurants, and specialty stores. The pedestrian-friendly streets and European-inspired architecture make it a perfect spot for a leisurely shopping stroll.

Explore the Parks

Exploring Edina's parks and open spaces offers a refreshing escape into nature. The city prides itself on its commitment to preserving natural beauty and providing recreational opportunities for all.

Centennial Lakes Park: Spanning over 24 acres, this beautiful park features an artificial lake with paddleboat rentals, a miniature golf course, and walking paths that wind through pristinely landscaped gardens. In the winter, the park transforms into a magical ice-skating wonderland.

Rosland Park: A haven for outdoor enthusiasts, the 22-acre Rosland Park offers a serene setting with its picturesque lakeside views, playgrounds, picnic areas, pickleball courts, disc golf course, baseball fields, and volleyball court. The park is also home to the Edina Aquatic Center, a popular open-air water park that promises fun-filled summer days with its water slides, diving boards, zipline, surf simulator, and more.

Pamela Park: Another jewel in Edina's crown, Pamela Park is a 62-acre expanse that caters to sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. With baseball fields, soccer fields, and tennis courts, it's a hub of activity. The park also features a walking path, a seasonal ice skating rink, and playgrounds for a fun day out in the sun.

Arden Park: Arden Park boasts a blend of recreational facilities. Its unique feature is the Minnehaha Creek, which meanders through the park, offering water access for fishing, paddling, and canoeing. The park also includes a playground, an ice skating rink in the winter, and an open-air shelter for picnics and gatherings, making it a lively year-round destination.

Bredesen Park: For those who appreciate wildlife and natural landscapes, the 206-acre Bredesen Park offers an extensive network of trails that provide an immersive nature experience. Its paved and boardwalk trails are perfect for biking, jogging, or leisurely strolls, where explorers can encounter a variety of bird species, deer, and other wildlife. The park's natural beauty is especially captivating during the fall when the foliage turns into a vibrant palette of colors.

Arneson Acres: This enchanting 13-acre park, originally a private estate, has been transformed into a public garden that offers a tranquil retreat. The park is home to a stunning array of gardens, including a formal terraced garden, a lily garden, and various themed gardens featuring perennial and annual plants that bloom in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Braemar Park: Beyond its renowned golf course, Braemar Park is a treasure trove of outdoor activities. This expansive 500-acre park caters to golf enthusiasts and serves as a communal gathering spot for residents seeking outdoor fun. With its well-maintained walking and biking trails that weave through picturesque landscapes, Braemar Park is ideal for those looking to immerse themselves in nature without straying far from the city’s comforts. Its wide-open spaces are perfect for flying kites on windy days, picnicking under the canopy of mature trees, or simply enjoying a sunny afternoon.

Immerse Yourself in Arts and Entertainment

Edina Art Center: Art enthusiasts will appreciate the Edina Art Center, which offers exhibitions, classes, and workshops for all ages. Its beautiful gallery space showcases works by local and regional artists, providing a glimpse into the vibrant local art scene.

Edina Theatre: A landmark in itself, the historic Edina Theatre has been totally renovated and hosts an eclectic mix of independent films, foreign language cinema, and documentaries. Its vintage charm and state-of-the-art sound system offer a unique movie-going experience.

Participate in Community Events

Edina Art Fair: Held annually in June at 50th & France, the Edina Art Fair is one of the top art fairs in the area, attracting artists and visitors from across the country. The event features a wide range of art displays, live music, food stalls, and creative booths, making it a highlight of Edina’s calendar.

Taste of Edina: Foodies won’t want to miss the Taste of Edina, a must-see event that showcases the culinary talents of local chefs and restaurants. Visitors can sample various dishes, wines, and craft beers, celebrating Edina's delicious food scene.

Glide into Winter Fun

Ice skating holds a special place in the heart of Edina's winter activities, offering a delightful way to embrace the colder months.

Centennial Lakes Park: When the cold hits, this picturesque park transforms into a winter paradise on its 10-acre lake and canals. Skate rentals are available, making it easy for everyone to join in the fun. The park also lights up the trails in the evening, creating a magical skating experience under the stars.

Braemar Arena: For those who prefer an indoor setting, Braemar Arena offers a traditional ice skating rink where enthusiasts can practice their spins and jumps or simply enjoy leisurely skating. The arena hosts open skate sessions, figure skating lessons, and hockey leagues, catering to various interests and skill levels.

Take a Swing

In Edina, golf holds a special place in the heart of the community, blending leisure, sport, and social interaction.

Braemar Golf Course: The city's crown jewel, Braemar Golf Course, is renowned for its meticulously maintained fairways, challenging layout, and welcoming atmosphere for golfers of all skill levels. This premier public golf facility offers a top-tier golfing experience and a vibrant community hub, hosting lessons, leagues, and tournaments that foster camaraderie and competition among local golf enthusiasts.

Edina Country Club: The Edina Country Club is a testament to luxury, tradition, and the finer aspects of golf. This private club offers members a beautifully designed golf course and a rich calendar of events, a swimming pool, tennis courts, a fitness center, and dining experiences. The golf course itself, known for its pristine conditions and challenging layout, provides a rewarding experience for golfers keen on refining their skills amidst the beauty of meticulously landscaped grounds.

Living in Edina promises an endless array of activities and new adventures. If you’re ready to get started in Edina real estate, consult the Cari Ann Carter Group today.

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