The Fox and Pantry Chronicles: Kym Joles' Inspirational Journey from Seattle to Plymouth's Vibrant Community Hub

We were delighted to have Kym Joles as a guest on our podcast a few weeks ago, sharing her incredible journey on "Fly the Coop." From Seattle to the launch of The Fox and Pantry in Plymouth, MN, Kym's startup story is truly inspiring! As an exceptional chef, she is passionate about all things related to food and drinks, creating a welcoming community space.

Recently, The Fox and Pantry expanded, and it's a must-see! In our podcast episode, Kym shares her amazing story. The Plymouth coffee shop, which opened in August 2022, offers artisan coffee, in-house bakery items, a retail space featuring fashion and décor, and a variety of classes—from makeup application to baking macarons and flower arranging.

Owner Kym Joles took over the adjacent space, adding a full bar and a private dining area. Open seven days a week, The Fox and Pantry is located at 15725 37th Ave N in Plymouth. Kym's journey began when she and her family moved from Seattle, and the growth of The Fox and Pantry reflects her dedication.

During the day, the shop serves sweet treats and coffee, allowing customers to explore gifts and home goods. Joles finds joy in seeing people engaged in various activities, from book clubs to business meetups around the tables. In the evening, the space transforms into an event venue, hosting cooking classes, crafting sessions, and private events.

While it may seem like multiple businesses under one roof, Kym emphasizes that the core of The Fox and Pantry is connection. "Every single thing that we do is about connection, whether it’s private dinners, getting a cup of coffee, or attending a class; you make these connections," she says. The shop is designed around a dining room concept to foster a comfortable and approachable atmosphere.

"This is such a cute place with so many great people," she adds. "But there’s nowhere to sit and feel comfortable." Taking matters into her own hands, Kym opened The Fox and Pantry in July 2022, creating a space that embodies the essence of connection and community.

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