Gems of the North Loop: A Collaboration with Hewing Hotel, History, and Hospitality

We're thrilled to announce our exciting collaboration with The Hewing Hotel, a cherished gem in the heart of North Loop, Minneapolis, for an upcoming episode of American Dream TV. Hewing Hotel, part of the Aparium group, stands out among the dozen boutique hotels curated by this national hospitality expert, specializing in transforming historic spaces into premium accommodations. Nestled in downtown Minneapolis, Hewing seamlessly blends rustic Minnesota history with contemporary amenities, promising an authentic and unforgettable experience in the Twin Cities.

TULLIBEE RESTAURANT Experience the unique charm of Tullibee, a North Loop restaurant influenced by rural Nordic practices of foraging, butchery, and fermentation.

ROOFTOP AT HEWING HOTEL Indulge in panoramic views of downtown Minneapolis and the North Loop district at the Hewing Rooftop. Hotel guests, aged 21 and above, can unwind in our Rooftop spa pool or Nordic-inspired sauna.

HEWING BAR AND LOUNGE Known throughout the Twin Cities for its exceptional cocktail program, Hewing's bar and lounge is a lively space offering a superb selection of local distilleries and breweries. Explore our trendsetting flavor profiles, enjoy a signature Old Fashioned, and find a quiet nook for relaxation with a board of charcuterie and a glass of our Hewing Signature Cabernet.

The Hewing Hotel, originally built in 1897 for distributing carriages, wagons, and farm machinery, has a rich history as an early car dealership that made headlines. The warehouse, with high ceilings and large windows along Washington Avenue, showcased agricultural machinery and was one of the first in the area with tracks leading into the basement for efficient freight car loading and unloading.

As motorized vehicles gained popularity, a farm implement dealer successfully ventured into selling them. P. J. Downes, the exclusive dealer of Rambler touring cars, achieved remarkable success, making headlines with deliveries to Archbishop Ireland and convincing city leaders to invest in Rambler squad cars and an ambulance.

The warehouse hosted other notable companies, including Appleton Manufacturing, Monitor Drill, Robinson-Miller, Parry light vehicles, and The Rumford Company. In 2016, after a complete remodeling, it emerged as The Hewing Hotel, earning prestigious accolades such as Best Hotel in the Midwest by Conde Nast readers in 2018 and recognition as one of the Most Instagrammable Hotels in the U.S. by National Geographic.

Explore more pages of neighborhood history in our Historic North Loop section and join us on this captivating journey through time.

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