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Embracing Rustic Elegance: The Journey of Cari Ann Carter towards a Designer Homestead

Welcome, dear followers, to the wonderful world of Cari Ann Carter, affectionately known as "mom," "love," and the ultimate "party planner" extraordinaire! If you're new here, allow me to introduce myself and share some tidbits about my life that have shaped who I am today.

Firstly, let's talk about my passions. Food, glorious food! I am an unabashed foodie who adores exploring different cuisines and flavors. From exotic dishes to comforting classics, I relish every bite that crosses my palate. And speaking of delights for the senses, my love for flowers knows no bounds. Whether it's arranging a bouquet or simply admiring their beauty, flowers bring me immense joy.

Now, let's delve into matters of the heart. After a divorce, I found love again in the most unexpected place: a dating app called Bumble. Three years later, I am happily settled with my soulmate, Steve, who completes me in every way imaginable.

In addition to matters of love, I've also embarked on a thrilling adventure in the podcasting world. Despite the challenges and hard work it entails, hosting my podcast has been an immensely rewarding journey that I cherish.

One dream that Steve and I share is creating a Martha Stewart-esque haven nestled amidst sprawling gardens and picturesque landscapes. With dedication and determination, we're turning this dream into reality, one step at a time.

Our household is not complete without our beloved furry companions, two energetic Belgian Malinois who fill our lives with love and laughter. Together, we're crafting a homestead that reflects our designer aesthetic while embracing the rustic charm of country living.

Leaving the hustle and bustle of the city behind, we've embraced a simpler, more fulfilling lifestyle surrounded by the beauty of nature. Our homestead is a sanctuary adorned with lush gardens, babbling streams, and tranquil ponds—a testament to our commitment to building a life filled with beauty and serenity.

As we navigate the joys and challenges of homesteading, we're constantly learning and growing. From tending to our gardens to caring for our animals, each day presents new opportunities for discovery and adventure.

Despite my struggles with public speaking, I find solace in the intimacy of one-on-one conversations. It's through these genuine connections that I thrive and truly come alive.

And let's not forget about my spirited daughter, the light of my life. Her zest for life reminds me to embrace every moment with joy and gratitude.

Finally, as a Pisces, my love for water runs deep. Whether it's immersing myself in its embrace or simply basking in its presence, water has a soothing effect on my soul.

In essence, my journey from city life to designer homestead is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams. Thank you for joining me on this incredible adventure—I can't wait to share more with you all! ❤️🌻🏡




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