A Homestead Thanksgiving: Join Cari Ann Carter and Steve Wasnick on the Fly the Coop Podcast!

Step into the heart of Thanksgiving with Cari Ann Carter and Steve Wasnick in a special episode on the Fly the Coop Podcast. Get an insider's look into the warmth of their Thanksgiving traditions as they share delightful anecdotes about the delectable dishes prepared for family, friends, and their cherished Belgian Malinois companions.

Dive into the unique twist in their Thanksgiving spread as they explore the incorporation of a raw diet for their furry friends. Discover the positive impact this choice has had on the lives of their pets and how it adds a special dimension to their holiday celebrations.

Embark on a journey to Stillwater, where Cari Ann and Steve live organically on their homestead. Join them as they navigate the joys and challenges of blending families and creating cherished memories during this festive season. Gain insights into their approach to a Thanksgiving celebration that embodies gratitude, family, and the joy of good food.

Tune in for a delightful conversation filled with laughter, heartwarming stories, and valuable tips for making your Thanksgiving truly special. Whether you're a fan of organic living, a pet lover, or simply seeking inspiration for a memorable holiday celebration, this episode is not to be missed! 🍂🦃🎙️

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