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Cari Ann Carter


Stephanie T.
Justine L.
Garreth S.
Gain Clarity. Make a Plan. Live Your Dream.

Cari Ann Carter and her team were awesome!!! During a period of time when stress levels were extremely high for me personally, Cari Ann and her team always took the time to make sure l had all the resources (painting, staging. cleaning, decluttering, closing services) and support (via calls, emails. texts) | needed to quickly and efficiently navigate the sale of my home. The team's attention to detail, k...

— Stephanie T.

Gain Clarity. Make a Plan. Live Your Dream.

Cari Ann, Pamala, and her team were fantastic with the sale of our house in the MacGrove neighborhood. They obviously knew the market very well and the staging was INCREDIBLE and instrumental in the quick sale of our house. Happy with the counsel/advice we received and the fantastic service. While Cari Ann Carter Group is at a slightly higher % for Realtor® fees, worth it just for the staging and high-to...

— Justine L.

Gain Clarity. Make a Plan. Live Your Dream.

Cari Ann was a very warm and helpful person who came to work to help us get our home sold. She told me she would sell it within a month and I thought she was crazy. How could she say that when we had struggled with the two previous companies? Sure enough 3 1/2 weeks later & she calls me with a buyer who is making a full offer. From what I hear she has great results with many people and I wish her the best.

— Garreth S.

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